Welcome to Meghaja

“Your Cloud Solutions Partner”

We are passionate about cloud solutions and customer success. We are conveniently positioned to address the challenges of being responsible for business results by demonstrating proof-of-concepts, implementing appropriate solutions, providing training, and executing projects to ensure businesses perform better. We focus on reliable approach to fulfil your needs, desired benefits and mitigate potential risks (if any).

We are working closely with cloud solution provider ecosystem and strategically positioned to meet the requirements of your business efficiently.

We are committed to establish ourselves as the preferred cloud solutions partner for the key segments of organisations like Sales, Engineering,   Job / Workforce Management, Accounting and Education.




Organisation Culture "With & For" prospects, customers, employees and the ecosystem.

Let’s strive together to enjoy the journey of growth & prosperity.



To be an approachable, professional, and trusted, cloud solutions provider.


Welcoming and Friendly

To ensure professional interactions to be welcoming and friendly.


Respect and Recognition

To respect the ecosystem and offer recognition for their contributions.


Enabling & Succeeding

To enable & facilitate the desired success.


Goal Setting & Constant Improvement

To set SMART goals, periodically review and constantly improve.


Effective Questioning & Active Listening

To build upon information & knowledge by effective questioning & active listening.



To achieve a long term, mutually prospering relationship with customers by providing easy-to-use & effective cloud solutions that fulfils customer's needs, exceeds desired benefits and mitigates potential risks.


Core Values

Ease of doing business & approachable, Positive Attitude & Professional Approach, Enthusiasm & facilitating win-win situation.


Encourage & Motivate

To encourage & motivate in finding a solution to challenging situations during transactions.


Training and Development

To facilitate training & development for prospects, customers and employees.


Networking & Business Relationship

To encourage networking & building professional & prospering relationship.


Flexibility and Being Effective

To go the extra mile in being flexible & being effective while fulfilling the genuine needs.


Objective & Innovative Approach

To focus on being objective & strive towards Innovative approach to achieve higher perceived & realised value.